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This is Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Kokenge Taylor.

Christel: Hi. I'm Christel with Christel Clear Photography and this is Elizabeth. I did her portraits last year and asked her to come in today to do this little video interview.

Elizabeth: We just didn't have the time to get it done. Because right after we did my pictures, she broke her foot.

Christel: Oh, that's right. And then you went to Costa Rica.

Elizabeth: Then I went to Costa Rica and I did a lot of traveling last year, so there was just no time.

Christel: Okay. So your photo shoot was a lot of fun.

Elizabeth: Yes, it was.

Christel: I can tell by the pictures you had a lot of fun.

Elizabeth: Yes, it was fun. And we had a friend of ours show up, Lyn, she made it even more fun.

Christel: That was a blast!

Elizabeth: Yes. Matter of fact, she did Lyn’s daughter's pictures also, and Lyn was there. Lyn just makes things more fun. That's just her.

Christel: That's right. So we started out at the salon and Samantha did your hair and makeup which were awesome and then we came here for the photo shoot and you had really classy outfits that you brought.

Elizabeth: Yes.

Christel: And so she did more of the glamour and classy look. I have a full gallery of just classy photos.

Elizabeth: I think I did it that way because that's the way I grew up. My mother was a very classy, elegant, refined woman. She could wear anything with class. She always left put together. Like I said it was inborn in her. With the makeup and stuff, I'm not one to wear makeup. I don't need it. I've been told I'm very low-maintenance, I've always been that way.

Elizabeth brought in this favorite picture of her beautiful mother. We created a similar pose for Elizabeth. I think this was the most incredible idea!

Christel: And that's nice to treat yourself to a day of glamour…

Elizabeth: Yes, it was. I decided to do this for myself when I was turning 60. I did it for myself, but all I did it, I also did it for my boyfriend. So he's got the book and I've got this one which I had done for myself, which is like a favorite, favorite picture.

Christel: And this is on metal. I love the metal prints.

Elizabeth: So do I. There's something about it.

Christel: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And I thought I've had to hung like diagonally and I've had hung this way. This is the way I prefer. It was a very fun day.

Christel: Yeah. And then Liz brought in a picture of her mom, a black-and-white picture that her mom had taken back in 1950s and it was her…

Elizabeth: She got married in 1955, so it was about that time. She was a nurse. She did not know her picture was in the studio. The photographer had a huge portrait of her. And so I decided to do it like hers. My sisters and I all have her picture, her engagement picture, but we also have our father's high school graduation picture and they're in frames right next to each other.

Christel: That's nice. Yeah. Photos are tangible and they can be passed on to generation to generation. And those are nice keepsakes of your parent’s and mom’s pictures. Very classy and glamorous and we emulated that look and then I turned into a really soft black-and-white and matched it up. And so she has picture of her and her mom in a nice beautiful frames.

Elizabeth: That's what I wanted. I wanted that because of my mother. Again, like I said that's the way my sisters and I grew up. We grew up with all that in class and environment. Matter of fact, our Sunday dinners, guess what we ate off? Her sterling silverware.

Christel: Well, thank you for coming in today.

Elizabeth: You're welcome. And thank you.

Christel: Always nice to see you. Thank you.

Elizabeth: You're welcome.

Elizabeth and I are in this video if you want to watch it. Please hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Thank you. https://youtu.be/cx5WCTecJYc

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