Lingerie Cheat Sheet

Congratulations on booking your boudoir photo shoot! It’s going to be an amazing experience! It's time to shop for your lingerie! Oh this will be fun. Here are some different types of lingerie that look great for a boudoir shoot. Also a list on online shopping lingerie stores.

Bra & Panty Sets When shopping for bra and panty sets it's extremely important they fit properly. Underwire or padding is a personal preference. You might want to get fitted so you can find just the right size and make sure you are not coming out of the cups. It’s much more flattering on camera.


Teddy's are the BEST for boudoir! A teddy is a lingerie one piece that covers the torso and crotch. It is similar style of garment to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit but is typically lace and sheer and definitely sexier!

Bodysuit A close-fitting, one-piece stretch garment usually fishnet or similar pattern. They are one piece and you put them on like putting on panti-hose starting at your toes and pulling up up up.

Corset Corsets are cinched at your waist and give you killer curves! They usually have ties in the back that are tightened up to create the hour glass shape. They are hard to put on I will help you.

Baby Doll

This is the most unflattering lingerie for a boudoir photo shoot.

It is flowy and does not show your shape. In fact it ads volume to your mid section.

Don't bring one. Just don't.