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Sometimes we can really lose sight of who we are. Not only on the outside, but on the inside, too. That’s exactly when we need to look inward and start treating ourselves like the absolute princesses we are. What’s the best way to treat yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-care? You could try being a Barbie for a day, like our client Melissa. Melissa went from shooting family portraits with Christel, to treating herself like a Barbie for a day and shooting a bold boudoir session.

Get All Dolled Up

The first step in capturing your Barbie essence is to get all dolled up. Our professional makeup artist will do your hair and makeup, so that your outsides are just as beautiful as your insides. Don’t go too overboard, though. You should still look like yourself; just a better, bolder version of yourself.

" Your life can't change unless you do something different!" ~ Melissa

Pick the Lingerie That Makes You Feel Powerful

Before your boudoir photo session, make sure you choose lingerie that is not only sexy but also that makes you feel powerful and unique. Choose an outfit that properly shows off your body, not hides it. This will make you look and feel more confident. Just think: what would Barbie do? Would she hide her shape behind a white sheet? Or would she work her curves in a swimsuit or bikini? I think we both know the answer here.

" She took photographs of me that in a way that I would have never ever looked at my self. Just ....WOW!"

Bring Fun and Confidence to Your Photo Shoot

After you’re glammed up and dressed, it’s time for the big boudoir shoot. Remember: this is all about having fun and showing off your true beauty. Just take a deep breath, and bring your confidence and your sense of humor.

"I've been on a mission to step out of my box. It was better than anything I had ever hoped for. I felt like a Barbie for the day! Now I have the photos to show just how amazing I felt." ~Melissa Gamashe

If you, like Melissa, want to feel like a Barbie for the day, boudoir photo shoots are the way to go. Booking with Christel means you’ll feel like the most beautiful version of you, captured in film.

Melissa shared about her boudoir photo shoot experience in this video. Please listen and give it a thumbs up! https://youtu.be/ioTbwFf_KKo


Book your boudoir photo shoot now! https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/bombshell-boudoir

Or schedule an in-person FREE Consultation with Christel at her photography studio:

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