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She Survived Cancer

They did my hair my makeup and made me feel pretty and when we got here, I was a little nervous and awkward at first and the more you go the funnier it gets.

The posing gets easier. I don’t even like my husband to see me in my undies. So, I'm excited for him to see me in these pictures.

I normally live in my PJs, my sweats, the only time I leave my house is for doctor's appointments or to shuffle children. And so, this felt really good to feel like me, again, not just a mom, or somebody who's really ill.

I definitely recommend it for any woman, whether she's in a rut or she is use to dressing up every day this is different.

To schedule your boudoir photo shoot go here to my calendar : https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/bombshell-boudoir

To schedule your FREE Consultation with me at my studio go here: https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/30min

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