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Overcoming a Challenging Time. Life can sometimes throw you some real curve balls.

Life can sometimes throw you some real curve balls. Whether it’s a falling out with a friend, a sudden death of a loved one, or losing your job when you least expect it, life’s negative moments have the capacity to turn your world upside down. However, you have the power to undo that negativity, and to come back better and stronger from whatever challenge you’re facing. One way to do that in a real, tangible way is by having a fun photo shoot that shows off your inner and outer beauty.

The Act of Boudoir Inspires Confidence

Taking beautiful boudoir photos is empowering. Getting dressed up, pampered, and having your makeup done before a photo session allows you to get the best shot and to feel your best. While in the shoot, you will feel strong and capable doing any pose you set your mind too, and Christel will make sure you look amazing. Having a boudoir shoot is an act of bravery, and it can surely instill you with enough confidence to keep you going through any obstacle.

A Confidence Keepsake

After your boudoir photo shoot, you will see your un-edited portraits right away! You will then choose your favorites for your collection. This. Is. Essential. This photo book will be filled with amazing pictures of you looking strong, sexy, flirty, fun, and confident and will make the perfect keepsake just for you. You can look at the photo book any time you need a little extra boost of confidence. Kim says she’ll keep the photo book with her so she can flip through it before job interviews and remind herself of her inner strength. “I will look and say, if I can do this, I can ace an interview.”

Don’t hesitate. Boudoir photos can help you break through the negative time you may be having. You’ll emerge reminded of just how incredible you really are!

OMG! I LOVE KIM'S PORTRAITS! Seriously Kim did not wait for the perfect time. She did this photo shoot when times were not so smooth for her. She did this for her confidence. She did this for herself.

I asked Kim to share a few words about her boudoir photo shoot experience. Hey! YOU HAVE GOT TO HEAR THIS! Here is her video: https://youtu.be/q0jH7ouyE3Q

To schedule your in person FREE Consultation with me at my studio! Click here to schedule: https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/30min

YES! I AM READY ALREADY! I am booking my boudoir shoot now! https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/bombshell-boudoir

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