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Making a Choice For YOU

Do It For Yourself: Boudoir Photo Shoot Sessions

When many people hear about boudoir photo shoots, they assume that these sexy photo sessions can only be for the purposes of attracting romantic attention or as sensuous gifts for partners. However, having boudoir pictures taken of yourself can be a special treat just for you, and it can help instill extra confidence in yourself.

" ...they turned out amazing. I did them for myself. I would recommend it to anyone. "

Making a Choice For YOU

Doing a beautiful boudoir photo shoot is incredibly empowering for any woman. Everyone deserves to look and feel attractive, and having a book of boudoir photos of yourself is the perfect way to remind you of just how strong and sexy you are each and every day. You don’t need a boyfriend or spouse just to get amazing photos taken, you can book in for a boudoir appointment just for you. Juanita starts her testimonial with the fact that she booked an appointment to get pictures taken just for herself, not for the purpose of giving them to anyone else.

" It was a great experience. She is a great photographer and does a wonderful job." ~ Juanita

Reclaim Your Body

One of the best reasons for booking a photo shoot is the ability to work with your body and display it the way you want to. Often, women are hyper-sexualized by others, including complete strangers on the street! Having a boudoir photo session that you book yourself allows you to reclaim the power of your body and the power of your own sex appeal. You can work, along with Christel, to show off your body on your terms, not on anyone else’s.

Boudoir photo shoots can feel stigmatizing. Many think they are only for the purpose of others who you want to impress. But sometimes, having a boudoir photo shoot that makes you look and feel sexy and strong can actually be one of the most freeing and empowering things you will ever do.

To get on the books for your boudoir photo shoot go to my calendar here: https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/bombshell-boudoir

OR schedule your FREE Consultation go to this link: https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/30min

Here is Juanita' video. Please listen and give a thumbs up. https://youtu.be/o-ZlUXyIo8A

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Aug 20, 2021

Loved reading thiss thank you

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