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I have done three photo sessions with her over the last two years.

Hi, my name is Kendra Ellison. I am 39 years old and I love taking photos with Christel Clear photography. I have done three photo sessions with her over the last two years. It's the most amazing feeling to go and get your hair done by professional and your makeup done and be creative and then get in front of the camera.

And feel sexy and like a model and then to see the creativity of Christel and I come out into life in the photos. So my last photo shoot I did was a fantasy photo shoot. So here's kind of an example of some of the photos that have come out of the photo sessions. Another example. And then my favorite one is this one.

And she does these amazing, amazing books. They are so high-quality. They're nice, thick bound books. This is my fourth book that I've had it with Christel. Nice thick paper. Imagery is just amazing. She puts them together herself and they're just beautiful for something you'll have for lifetime and you can share with people, with your family or friends.

I often have people come over and request to look at my pictures.

So the first photo shoot I did was for my husband. Christel front area, was full of my props that I brought in. I brought in my Western show saddle, my English show saddle, my hut seat jacket. I brought in my chaps that I wear for writing and she did an amazing collage of all those pictures into one book and it was beautiful.

And I had to do it again. The next it was really more lingerie.

And then I did one that was for the Football Divas Contest. And so I went with Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints and those are gorgeous, just gorgeous pictures, we have had so much fun. She's a kick of the pants to work with.