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Halloween & Fantasy Photo Shoots!

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

September and October every year is the time we get freaky and scary! Plan to bring in a sexy costume type outfit along with your lingerie outfits. Of course this is just an option if you want to do this. I set up my "green screen" backdrop to use for this fantasy creation. The green screen will be changed out digital in the lab. I'm just going to just show you what I'm talking about.

This is Heather. When she was in my studio I told her my idea of putting her out at Sea with a giant octopus and was not a bit afraid. I think her images are outrageously beautiful and unique. She said "I am sooo excited I can't wait to see them! Awe you're so sweet I can't thank you enough for the whole experience, positivity and the confidence you gave me. I'm super excited!!"

I love this magical feel in this image! This long lace gown is available to wear at my studio.

WARNING!!!! You must plan and schedule in advance for these Fantasy photo shoots! This is a very busy time for me in the studio and I get booked up!

Liz told me she likes "Spooky" this bedroom image gives me the chills! However she looks quite beautiful and comfortable here.

This ghost is is coming after her! I think it just may be her husband under that sheet and he sees how beautiful his wife is in that sexy little French Maid lingerie outfit.

Wow! I don't know where she got this leopard lingerie but is looks so beautiful on her! Daniele is Queen of the jungle! I have this black crystal crown available to wear for photo shoots.

OMG! I love this wild one! Here is this beautiful Queen with her leopards protecting her.

"I am super excited! I've been wanting to do this for a long time! I've been wanting to do an Appolonia themed boudoir shoot! I'll try n find some lingerie to fit that theme. What do you think? I am also interested in doing a couple of different themes." ~ Melissa.

This beautiful lady is in my VIP group on FaceBook and won $200 in photo credit playing a game I posted. She booked her photo shoot and told me she loves Prince and Appolonia and started sharing her inspired ideas with me. I was all into this themed photo shoot! I am a big fan of Prince! Look at her handmade glass bead necklace! She brought with her several unique jewelry pieces that a friend of hers makes. This long sleeve lingerie is the FREE lingerie piece that she chose from my wardrobe closet!

This is Lori and this is one of the many pretty pinup dresses she brought with her to the photo shoot. Her husband has just bought her a big diamond ring and was so delighted to do this photo shoot to celebrate the years they have been together. Every time I see her she is all dolled up and wearing a pinup dress and a big beautiful smile!

This is Kim. We go way way back to childhood friendship. This pirate themed photo shoot is just one of many photo shoots she has done with me.

Oh this one was fun creating! Kim only drinks when she is in full Pirate mode.

This is Kindra and this is one of many of her adventurous photo shoots. We have created many many fantasy looks with all of her costumes and lingerie. You will be seeing her again in my website.

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