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Purchasing Plus Size Lingerie

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

If you’re a plus size lady and have thought to yourself “where am I going to find lingerie that looks flattering on my body type. Worry no more because we have got you covered!! Here’s our Top 5 places to purchase PLUS SIZE lingerie that both fits and flatters!

As there isn’t enough consistency between retailers, use measurements vs letter sizing.

1. Yandy: Fits Up-To Hips Size 52”/Bust 50”2.

2. Torrid: Fits Up-To Hips Size 76”/Bust 70”3.

3. Lane Bryant: Fits Up-To Hip Size 62.5”/Bust 54”4.

4. Adore Me: Fits Up-To Hips Size 64”/Bust 58”5.

5. Hips & Curves: Fits Up-To Hips Size 69”/Bust 65”

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