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Emily (the Cat Lover) First Boudoir Photo Shoot

Hi, my name is Emily. I just wanted to thank Christel Clear for taking my professional modeling pictures. She did an amazing job.

Not only did I get a professional makeover at salon Madrid by Samantha. "Thank you".

I got to come here and be treated like a model. Sip wine, got to change into outfits, had awesome lighting, awesome backgrounds, and a great experience. If you want pictures for yourself, for a lover, for a boyfriend, I highly suggest Christel Clear. Thank you.

Without my makeover, normally, I do not wear makeup as you can tell. So I wanted to see what I was going to look like in glamour. I wanted to feel beautiful. I haven't really ever felt beautiful. And let me tell you when I went to Salon Madrid and looked at myself in the mirror, I never saw that person in my life. I felt beautiful. I could look in the mirror and say, I am beautiful.

Also for my pictures, I'm hoping to send them into publication and get them published because she obviously needs to be published. She does amazing work, and if she can make me beautiful, she can make anyone beautiful. One more thing. She has two cats that you can take pictures with.

You can see Emily here in this video:

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