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And none of it felt weird. It just felt really natural. I felt beautiful.

Every photographer I've been to I've always had an unsatisfied experience in a sense, because I felt like they didn't really capture my true essence as a person and also as a subject. And when I came to see Christel, she already had refreshments waiting for me.

And the room was just very open. It was very welcoming. Everything seems set up really well. She made me feel at home almost like I was seeing a long-lost family member when I came in. And then I changed into my outfits. It wasn't awkward at all.

I don't know about you, but I don't walk around in lingerie, but it wasn't awkward at all.

And none of it felt weird. It just felt really natural. I felt like I could see myself I felt beautiful. I felt like I could smile and just, it was a different experience. Unlike anything else that I've ever experienced.

I truly felt like she captured who I was in that moment and what I was trying to say, and I felt like it was a really good experience. I got my book today and I absolutely love my book. It's the perfect size. Christel helped me pick that out as well. And we went over all the pictures that I liked, even all the pictures that she liked, and then we went over how to place them in the book and she was just very easy to work with, very flexible. I have a lot going on in my life and she was able to meet with me and just make this a really easy, fun process and I am definitely doing that again.

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