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To those considering a Photo Shoot with Christel:

I bought a package for my girl friend and then decided to do something for me. She was very professional, did a great shoot, at several locations. Both Inside and out. I got to pick the pictures I liked and only pay for what I picked out. I have used them both personally and professionally. I am getting no compensation for saying this. One of the best things I did for myself was a nice photo shoot. Don't wait! Take them now while you are looking your best. Generally speaking we look our best when we are younger, just being honest Your better half, children, grandchildren etc will appreciate you did this too as time passes. Treat yourself now, you will not regret it! You will love the pictures and she is very fair with you on pricing packages! Great experience!

Jack Baugher

Hi, I just wanted to do a quick endorsement for Christel Clear Photography. I had hired her to do some, both professional and personal photographs for me, we had a very good photo shoot, she's very professional did an incredible job, the layout that she did and gave me opportunities to pick the photographs that I wanted. And I wanted to use worked out really well.

Her pricing structures are fair and works with-in anybody's budget, I don't care. If you're wanting to do something on a professional or personal level. She puts you at ease. And if you're wanting to do something that you could either be able to give as a gift to a girlfriend or a spouse or something to hand down to children, or even photographs to use for your business and professional level.

A lot of people use their picture on their business cards these days. So that works out great, and I have used it on websites and different things of that nature. So, I would certainly encourage anybody that wants to do something special for themselves. That can help you both either personally or professionally. Contact Christel or Christel Clear Photography. I'm pleased I did. I kid you not when I say this.

It really was one of the best decisions I ever made. I would never undo it. It was- it was fun. The photograph is something I'm going to use literally for a lifetime.

To schedule your in-person FREE Consultation with Christel click here:https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/30min

To Book, YOUR BOUDOIR PHOTO SHOOT click here:https://calendly.com/christelclearcc/bombshell-boudoir

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