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Preparing Your Body For A Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

So many clients say “I’ll do a boudoir session after I lose another 20 pounds.” If you are one of these ladies, let me just tell you right now you are perfect just the way you are and do not need to shed a single pound in order to look like an absolute goddess when you come to my studio.

In fact if you want to prepare yourself for a boudoir shoot there are better ways to take care of your body before your session...

Clean Hair, No Makeup​: We provide complimentary professional hair and makeup for all of our clients. So no need to make yourself over before you come in.

Feel free to ​use body lotion: It will make your skin feel and look smoother and put a dab of your favorite ​perfume on. It's your day be free and feminine​! This day is all about letting someone else take care of you.

Get Your Nails Done​: We want you to feel absolutely flawless in your photos, down to the very last detail. We shoot numerous poses showing your hands, so feel free to spoil yourself with a manicure before your session.

Shave​: Some ladies prefer to embrace every aspect of their body, including their body hair, and to that we say “​The French look is natural​.” However, if you prefer less body hair for your photos remember to shave prior to coming to our studio.

No Tan Lines​: It’s best to avoid too much sun and tanning in the weeks leading up to your boudoir session. A sunburn is incredibly difficult to hide in photos so make sure to wear sun block when you go out.

Wear Loose Clothing​: When you come into our studio be sure to avoid wearing any tight fitting bras or jeans. Instead we suggest sweatpants, a dress, sports bra or no bra at all if you prefer. This way you’ll avoid having clothing lines on your skin when we begin shooting.

To schedule your in-person consultation at my studio please text me at 509-307-2897.

Thank you! Or schedule here:

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