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is a one of a kind experience. 

Hey Trendsetters!

Guess what? We've cranked up the creativity dial and rolled out a dazzling array of NEW photo sets, all bathed in jaw-dropping lighting, decked out with luxurious props like our ethereal wings and plushy robes! 🌈✨

And here's the deal – we're throwing a Creative Call Extravaganza, and we want YOU to be the trailblazer, the trendsetter, the ultimate VIP! 🌟

For a limited time, dive into the magic with a photoshoot session for just $99 (yes, you read that right, only $99 retainer fee, down from a regular $300)! 🚀 But hold on, that's just the beginning of the fabulous journey!

✨ Your session includes professional makeup and hair styling, because, darling, you deserve nothing but the absolute best. 💄💅

Wait, there's more glitter in this fabulous confetti of savings! 🎉 When you order a collection, brace yourself for a jaw-dropping $500 or more discount! 💸💰

But, hold your breath because there's an encore! 🌟 Depending on the collection you choose, you'll snag a bunch of FREE images, adding an extra layer of sparkle to your stunning collection! 📷✨

Be the pioneer of posh, the architect of elegance – seize this opportunity, because you're not just getting a photoshoot, you're getting a front-row seat to a masterpiece in the making! 🎨👑

Secure your spot in the spotlight NOW! 🌟✨Fill out the form, we will call you and go over some details, and let's create magic together! 📞📷 #ShineBrightWithCreativity #GlamourUnleashed #BeTheCanvasOfElegance


What awaits you:

👄Dive into the glam with the finest makeup and hair styling in the wild west!

📸Immerse yourself in a 45 to 1.5-hour photoshoot extravaganza at my crystal-clear Christel Clear studio.

💎Brace yourself for a ride through new photo sets or indulge in the opulence of luxury accessories like wings or rhinestone bling.

🪄$500 or more discount on your collection order. Collections start at $2999.00

📷Print orders start at $699

🆓FREE IMAGES with your collection order! The number of FREE images depends on which collection you choose.

😍Feeling extra amazing!  

It's not just a photoshoot; it's the experience of a lifetime – your ticket to a world where every click captures the magic! 🌟💄📷 #GlamAdventure #PicturePerfectMagic


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