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Hello Beautiful!

Experience Ultimate Glamour and Pampering
- Because You Deserve It!

Ready to indulge in a day dedicated entirely to you? Treat yourself to the ultimate glamour and pampering photo session at Christel Clear Photography Studio. Enjoy a professional makeup and hairstyling and an empowering self-worth experience in our studio. Designed to rejuvenate and elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

Book your photo session today and discover why self-care is essential!

Welcome to Christel Clear Photography,

where we believe every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel confident in her own skin. Our premier Eastern Washington photo studio specializes in empowering women to overcome personal body issues through stunning, confidence-boosting photography. Experience a judgment-free environment and let us help you see the desirable woman you truly are. Book your session today and embrace your beauty with Christel Clear Photography!

boudoir sessions for nurses
Fantasy boudoir session
red lingerie with fishnets and spiked mask
dark and moody booty
fantasy boudoir sessions
boudoir for healthcare professionals
boudoir sessions for healthcare professionals
fantasy photo session
pink angel wings with a rhinestone crown
Boudoir for Nurses
Purple Rain photo set, boudoir
The Red Room Valentines photo set
Plus size boudoir sessions
boudoir portraits for plus size women
boudoir sessions for women of all sizes

Women are embracing their own personal brand of beauty, empowering themselves to be the confident women they truly are. Unlock the power of your unique beauty at Christel Clear Photography, where we help women radiate confidence and embody the unstoppable force of feminine power. Join the movement and celebrate your individual essence with a transformative photo session today!

Portraits for millionaires

I also photograph men and couples!

portraits for men
Portraits for men

Why Women are Obsessed with doing Boudoir Photo Shoots! 

Visualize Your Beautiful Portraits as Wall Art in Your Home 

bedroom wall portraits
livingroom wall portraits
bedroom wall portraits
wall art canvas

Hi! I'm Christel

About the Photographer

Christel Clear your photographer

Welcome to Christel Clear Photography: Timeless Elegance Since 1996

Nestled at 3810 W Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima WA, Christel Clear Photography has been a beacon of artistic mastery since 1996. Our prestigious studio is the premier destination for discerning patrons seeking the epitome of refinement in boudoir and glamorous portraits.

What began as an intimate endeavor, capturing the essence of femininity, has blossomed into a symphony of empowerment and beauty. Our clients cherish their exquisite photo books and adorn their homes with enchanting wall portraits, each reflecting their newfound confidence and elevated self-esteem.

Within our studio’s hallowed halls, you’ll find a sanctuary and a transformative experience poised to enrich your life immeasurably. With a passion for exploration and discovery, I, Christel, weave tales of love and wanderlust into every session.

Join me on a voyage of self-discovery and timeless elegance. Let each moment become a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your life. With love and sparkles, and aspirations for boundless horizons,

XOXO, Christel

Please fill out your contact information and we will be in touch with you soon. Thank you.

boudoir pinup pose
You are beautiful boudoir
Boudoir with candles
Boudoir for full figured women
Boudoir with black lingerie

Discover why women in the Yakima area are embracing boudoir photography to celebrate their beauty and boost their confidence.
Join the trend and book your empowering boudoir shoot
with Christel Clear Photography today!

"Of all the experiences I had in Yakima this week, having a boudoir session topped them all!"

Discover why so many women from Yakima and across the West Coast are making a boudoir photo shoot their #1 priority. Experience the confidence and empowerment that comes with a personalized boudoir session at Christel Clear Photography. Book your session today and see why it's the highlight of their week!

Comments From Clients

"Christel made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world.  I felt like a queen.  Even though I had never done a boudoir or any type of photoshoot before, Christel was patient and encouraging throughout the whole process. My husband loved the photo book of the sexy photos that we made up for him.  If you ever get a chance have Christel do your photography because she is amazing! Thank you so much Christel. ~Bethany M.

"I had a special request for Christel and she gave me exactly what I was looking for in my photos. She listened to my ideas and then added in her artistic talent and photography skills to make a gorgeous photo. Christel has taken my photos for many years and always makes me very comfortable in whatever situation we are in. I will definitely use Christel Clear Photography again for my future photoshoot requests."~Vanessa

"My Love Story! I am a proud wife of a Soldier who is on his second deployment to Iraq. These photos I hold near and dear to my heart. They were not only taken for my Soldier but with a very dear friend. These were done as a surprise for the hubs and let me tell ya, he was very surprised. These really lit his fire. Thank You Christel. ~April

"Christel Clear Photography is not only a very professional business, but Christel herself was very fun to work with. I have had a few photo shoots with her and have been very satisfied with each one. You can tell that Christel puts her heart into each photo and she strives to be the best. Thank you Christel." ~Jeannie Eaglestar

"Christel is awesome, I have had personal pictures taken twice at Christel Clear Photography, Christel was amazing, she put me at ease in a situation I was not comfortable in. The pictures are amazing, I was so happy with the first set of pictures I had her take them again and this time they were more personal.. I had a blast, she made it fun. My husband and I are planning another sitting with her this summer and know we will be pleased with her work.. I look forward to seeing her soon. We would recommend Christel Clear Photography to anyone for all types of pictures. She Rocks!!!!
Sally Zamora

"Christel Clear Photography has an amazing gift to turn the ordinary into extraordinary! From my own personal experience, I've seen that Christel has this way of making you feel relaxed, fun and beautiful! I know that if Christel Clear Photography takes your pictures, they will always come out BEAUTIFUL!
~Reesha Cosby

I normally HATE pics of me. But I absolutely loved the pics Christel took. She made me feel comfortable right off the bat. She made me look and feel sexy and beautiful. Do this for yourself no matter how old, young, fat skinny you think you are. Christel WILL make you look and feel AMAZING!!! Love you Christel! ~Kimberly

I had my photoshoot last weekend! I had a blast. Christel me feel very comfortable. I was very nervous at first but she calmed me right down. I would highly recommend her to anybody! ~Linda